Want to learn to play an instrument but don’t want to pay for lessons? Wish there was a helpful collection of free, organized and structured learning plans for guitar, piano, or drums? Looking for cords or an extensive collection of sheet music from classical to rock? They are all found online at these sites.

The best online music lessons and resource links:

  • Instinct — Guitar courses, mainly aimed at beginners, provides feedback if you play into a mic. Very cool and helpful.
  • Teoria — Classical Music Theory with lots of resources and study guides.
  • Piano Lessons — Great series of over 40 YouTube videos on how to start playing the piano.
  • Flowkey — Everything you need to learn to play the piano in one place for (mostly) free.
  •— Lots of great resources for free on music theory.
  • Guitar Lessons at Ultimate-Guitar
  • Guitar Lessons at The Stringery
  • Justin Guitar — Almost 1000 free guitar lessons from beginner to advance complete with lessons on popular songs.
  • Yousician — Lots of resources to learn to play guitar, ukulele and bass on this mostly free site. You can plug your instrument in and play along rock band style.
  • Bass Lessons
  • Chord Book — A resource site with some training videos as well.
  • Chorder — Great interactive guitar chords, tuner and training.
  • Dave Conservatoire — The Khan Academy of music. It’s general music education, from the beginning.
  • FiddlerMan — Large collection of free violin lessons from the beginning.
  • Petrucci Music Library — Over six million pages of music from over 14000 composers. It is a massive library of music.
  • Drum Lessons — Hundreds of drum lesson videos from some of the top drummers.
  • Virtual Drumming — Learn how to play drums including drum lessons, sheet music, and drum games
  • Online Drummer — Loads of articles, sheet music, beats and videos.
  • envatotuts+ Music — Music and audio engineering tutorials and courses.