Kids love learning and playing games. Many of these sites combine games and learning. Others are a treasure trove of free materials, curriculum and resources.

Here are the best online K12 links:

  • National Geographic Kids – National Geographic’s Kids website. This site has lots of videos and interactive games.
  • Glean — Primary school level indexed science and math videos by teachers.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets — Lots of free worksheets for every grade and subject. This site contains offers over 10,000 worksheets with an inexpensive annual membership.
  • E-learning for kids — E-learning for Kids offers elementary school courses for children ages 5-12 that cover curriculum topic including math, science, computer, environment, health, language, life skills and others.
  • NeoK12 — Educational videos, lessons, and games for K-12 age groups.
  • cK-12 — Web based textbooks for K-12 age groups. Complete with interactive practice quizzes, and simulations.
  • MobyMax — Not totally free but there is some free content. The rest is very affordable. MobyMax offers a complete curriculum from K-8 and it is very intuitive for children to use without constant supervision. Many classrooms and school systems use it.
  • Open Education Resources — Textbooks for K-12 age groups sorted by subject and grade levels.
  • Funbrain — One of the top free websites dedicated to teaching kids through games.
  • Code.org — Code.org is the home of the “Hour of Code” campaign, which is aimed at teachers and educators as well as students of all ages who want to teach or learn, respectively, computer programming and do not know where to start.
  • CodeCombat — Teaches kids (and adults) coding through playing games.
  • Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share — Scratch from MIT is a causal creative learning site for children. With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.
  • Annenberg Learner — Geared toward providing teacher resources and professional development. This site had a large collection of videos, lesson plans and other resources.
  • CFPB — Official US Government site that gives free resources for parents to train children through teens about good money habits. Teach them how to earn, shop and save.